“We’re always in search of the perfect balance between comfort and design”


With a diverse range of sofas, we can easily meet your housing needs.
Various configurations
Because our sofas are modular, you have the possibility to create your own dream sofa.
Expand your seating area easily and quickly with a armchair.
Just for you
Some sofas have their own armchair, but you might prefer to look for the contrast. With a wide range of armchairs and the great diversity of fabrics, you have complete control of your interior.
Would you like to create an extra seat or would you rather have the legs up?
Kick your legs up
Creating an extra seat or rather have ing your legs up? Use a hocker, a stylish but above all flexible way to meet your needs.


Curious about our latest models or the latest fabrics for your future sofa? Together with the brands Eleonora, By-Boo and Mattz we give you 4,500 m2 of living inspiration in our completely renovated showroom.

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